Here at SSG I, Nathan am the sole operator.

Which means my time has to be managed and juggled greatly to meet the time demands of quality workmanship, as well as quality communication with my clients.

Some things to consider before committing with SSG.

1~ All given time frames are approximate. We do not like to go over our discussed time frames, but it does happen from time to time. There are many things that can cause a delay in the finish date. I personally do not like to explain or give excuses why I could not meet a time line. Do know that I do my very best to get your rifle back to you in the discussed time frame.


2~ If you are a suspicious person, easily offended by slow communication at times, if you see me posting on an open forum and think "my rifle is overdue, he should be working not posting" ...then SSG is not for you. I like to have some time off like most others. Most people that know me personally know that my shop is part of my home and the hours I put in average from 10-14hrs. a day on rifles.


3~ I currently have to plan several months to a year out with complete builds and any delay or hold up on either suppliers or customers throws a huge ripple in my schedule, therefore affecting everyone's time frame in that schedule. I have been trying to incorporate empty spots for cushioning this and I am truly working hard at improving my accuracy of estimated time frames, but this is proving to be very difficult.


4~ On a happier note....I am devoted to each individual rifle I build and work on. If something does not meet my high standards and satisfaction, I will redo or rebuild at my expense. I am only interested in 100% satisfaction from my customers on the work I do.


5~ If you send me all the parts for a rifle build, I will build the rifle, but will not be held responsible for parts that do not work together, or feeding issues that may occur due to improper components. I will charge an extra fee to fix these problems.

If you are going off of my recommendations and I am organizing the parts; should any problems occur, they will be fixed at my expense.


6~ Paying for labor before the rifle is completed is strongly discouraged. I don't want you to feel that "I have your money and don't care about getting your rifle back to you" this is in no way the case. I have had equal amounts of fully paid and partially paid rifles go over the time frame.


7~ If your buddy gets his rifle before you do and you ordered yours first and are offended...SSG is not for you. There are many things that can cause this.... your buddy just ordered a barreled action and you ordered a complete rifle. I do several barreled actions together so it is likely that I did yours and his at the same time, but the stock work on yours takes quite a bit longer, as I do several stocks together.... or maybe coating...or maybe I had problems getting components in for yours....these are just examples, but the list goes on and on... I don't play favorites.


8~ Please come to me if you feel I have offended you in any way. I would rather deal with any issues verse have hurt feelings and lost friendships, as I know I am not perfect by any means and have let others down. It's good for me to eat some humble pie every now and again :)


9~ If you have a hunt coming up that you have your heart set on taking a new rifle with you, I highly recommend you plan far enough in advance and have a back up rifle in the event that something comes up and I am not able to meet the time frame. Again, I do my best to meet time frames, but things happen.


10~ If you read all the above and still want to work with SSG I would be extremely happy to work with you on your projects and dream rifles.


Nathan Dagley

Straight Shot Gunsmithing