Introducing the True Bore Alignment System!

I'm excited to introduce to you this state of the art work holding system!

I designed the True Bore Alignment System to take the stress off the barrels and actions while we are machining.

Stress is caused by the modern jacking bolts and holding barrels and receivers at opposite ends while only making adjustments on one end at a time. Soft jaws tend to compress in a very short amount of time which in turn we loose our precision centering as well as being poor for work holding rigidity. On another note, anytime we machine on a piece of metal with stress implied, even though when dialing in our part it is running near perfect when we take the stress off the part our true machining moves back to the stress free original position, which in turn leaves our machining warped. Many gunsmiths are very aware of this and are very careful to minimize all these possibilities, but with the True Bore Alignment System these issues can be eliminated completly and easily!

With the True Bore Alignment System, the barrel or receiver is held in the chuck and all the adjustments are made for angular and rotational misalignment on the True Bore Alignment System, therefore the stress that is implied during adjustments is only implied on the True Bore Alignment System and not on the part that is being held.

The True Bore Alignment System works extremely well for holding barrels, receivers, bolts etc...

I have been using and testing this for approximately one year with phenomenal results and ease of use!

I am the original designer, engineer and only manufacturer of this concept which currently carries a patent pending status.

Why should I purchase the True Bore Alignment System?

  • Versatility in holding receivers, barrels, bolts Etc... when machining
  • Increased productivity
  • Better surface finishes due to rigid holding
  • Holding barrels too short to go through the spindle while still having the ability to dial the bore in two points
  • Holding parts stress free
  • Extreme precision machining
  • Eliminating chucking error


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Quantity:  TMX 6-1/4in. 6 jaw scrolling chuck #3-868-0600P        




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Range Rod #1 covers .22 - 6mm calibers



Range Rod #2 covers .25 - 7mm calibers



Range Rod #3 covers .30 - .375 calibers






                                                                                                                                                                True Bore Alignment System

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Initial TBAS set up instruction video